How To Get More Traffic On Website For Free


Traffic Exchange is a service used to exchange website traffic between everyone participating in it. Websites are displayed to our members and in return they will also get their websites seen by others, for free.

Even though the concept is simple, we offer a variety of traffic customization options. It's possible to select a traffic source, visitor duration and more.

You can receive hits to your website as long as you have available minutes. Minutes can be earned by participating in the traffic exchange through the Hitleap Viewer. In case you don't want to take part in the traffic exchange it's also possible to purchase minutes and your website can still be displayed to visitors from all over the world.

If you don't have a website or simply wish to earn money you can do that by referring new members to HitLeap.

How to Increase Traffic on Website Step by Step:

  1. First open the Website >
  2. Create an Account on it and Log-in
  3. Go to Traffic Exchange through Tab Menu and Download HitLeap Viewer Software
  4. Add your Site in HitLeap through "My websites" Tab Menu
  5. Now click on Traffic Exchange option and Hit on Start below the Status button
  6. In this option you watch any other member Blog/Website and earn minutes
  7. Earn more and more minutes and get more and more traffic

Get more traffic on website or blog

Basically HitLeap is a traffic Exchange Service. It delivering free traffic to any Website. And you get visitors from HitLeap by the location/source to By this trick you increase your traffic on Website and also improve your Alexa Rank. So Google and other search Engines give importance to your Website.

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