How To Earn $50 Daily on NeoBux PTC

NEOBUX SECRET Earn $50 Daily

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What is Neobux?


if you are familiar to the new site Probux, then i'm sure you can easily grab how it works. If you are having problem in getting direct referrals, you don't have to worry because just like PRobux, Neobux allow us to rent referrals who will work and earn for us.


#2 if you register under that link, now, you should click all the advertisements especially the orange ads, because it is needed, so you will get credited from your rented referrals in the future. you can also play adprize and if you are lucky enough you can win $0.50, $10, $20, $50 or even the golden membership which cost $90. Many members had won in adprize. you an check their forum if you want.

#3 if you reach $0.6 to your account you can now start renting referrals. $0.6 = 3 referrals. and you should turn on the autopay features.

#4 doing it every day and for sure you will have money again in the next week, where you can you rent for another referrals. just continue doing this method until you reach 300 rented referrals which will give you $6 a day

#5 once you've reach the maximum 300 referrals, all you need to do is to earn $90 to upgrade your membership and double your earnings (see below the detailed computations)

#6 once you are a golden member, you should rent up to 2000 referrals and you can earn up to $80 a day.

#7 if that's not enough with you you can go to ultimate and earn $160 a day.
all of this will take a few months to reach in to top, it mean you should never give up, be optimistic and hard working. there's no easy way to earn money. only scam sites will tell you that you can earn doing nothing. believe me.


If you are a standard member here, you can earn $0.005 per click of your referrals. how much will you earn per day?


if you have 3 rented referrals: $0.005 x 4 x 3 = $0.06 a day
50 rented referrals: $0.005 x 4 x 50 = $1 a day
100 rented referrals: $0.005 x 4 x 100 = $2 a day
300 rented referrals: $0.005 x 4 x 300 = $6 a day

300 rented referrals is the maximum for standard member and Yes it's true you can earn up to $6 a day or $42 a week, or $168 a month just a standard member


You can earn $0.01 per click of your referrals. and you can increase your referrals up to 2000 rented referrals. cost is $90 to upgrade

50 rented referrals : 0.01 x 4 x 50 = $2 a day
1000 rented referrals: 0.01 x 4 x 1000 = $40 a day
2000 rented referrals: $0.01 x 4 x 2000 = $80 a day


You can earn $0.01 for your rented referrals and also to your direct referrals. and increase your number of rented referrals is 4000. cost is $780 to upgrade
4000 rented referrals: $0.01 x 4 x 4000 = $160 a day
Additional Earnings:


just by doing mini jobs, you can earn $4 to $8 dollars easily. 

can you see how much you will earn here? what are you waiting for? are you going to slip this opportunity for you to earn while at home? don't be skeptical and too doubtful. you can make a research about this site and you can see that it's legitimate. Believe it now!

Just remember the saying:

Poor people says "to see is to believe"
Rich people says "believe it and you will see"
It's up to you now!

Register at Neobux now!:
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